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1 day prior and 2 days post-treatment 
1 day prior and 1 day post-treatment 

Teresa P.

We are truly thankful for your guidance and just wanted to let you know the Zypan has completely turned his behavior of consuming his own feces resolved. Virtual hugs you are simply brilliant....we had purchased 4 different products to deter his interest in eating his and other dogs poo. The coprophagia was to the degree we canceled trips for fear he would become quite ill with loose stools at the dog sitters. The 4 different products recommended by the vet and pet stores had little to no affect.  In essence they were a bandaid approach. You actually identified the root cause and within a couple of weeks of supplementing with Zypan digestive enzymes his coprophagia resolved. We are now comfortable leaving him at the pet sitters overnight, confidence restored, thanks to you.

Nate S.

Awesome experience with Dr. Tiffany!!

Karol N.

Helpful nutrition information.

Jennifer B.

I highly recommend Dr. Tiffany Diab and Kingsfoil Acupuncture. My cat had an ischemic event following anesthesia that left him with difficulty seeing and walking. Dr. Diab came to the house and offered my cat Acupuncture, laser treatment, and nutritional recommendations after a thorough assessment. After only one visit, my cat has been walking better and seems more relaxed. Her recommendations were both thorough and easy to follow. I feel grateful she is helping my sweet cat!

Kristi M.

I'm a little suprised at the improvement Pepper has shown in the last day. With help she is able to pick up and place her own feet to walk as fast as she can to her food bowl.

Michael M.

Dr. D is always on time. When she is working on your pet she is caring and respectful.

Paula H.

Dr Diab is such a wonderful person and Vet. My puppies love her, and so do I! She is so caring, and great with both my dogs. I have recommended her to all my friends with animals. I highly recommend her to anyone.

Faith H.

Kingsfoil Acupuncture has truly helped our dog Alphie. I was skeptical at first, but it truly works. He walks so much better after treatments, and he seems like he feels better too. I would highly recommend Kingsfoil Acupuncture to any pet owners.

Ken S.

We enjoy the comfort level that we feel when dealing with Doctor Tiffany.

Jen B.

I appreciate the attention to detail and time spent to really make sure we understand Dorian's needs. I appreciate the expert treatment interventions and advice including the willingness to look things up when needed. I so appreciate you coming to my home on my day off.

Erin D.

After only one session, Dr Diab has helped my 10 mo French Bulldog with muscle issues on his hind leg because of an injury. She was calming and oh so patient while doing acupuncture and laser therapy with my crazy Bean! I'm looking forward to scheduling for anxiety treatment in 2018 because of her rave reviews!

Chari H.

We started taking our 14 and a half year old standard poodle, Chloe, to Dr.Diab for continued acupuncture treatment. Chloe started treatment with another vet in June of last year. Dr. Diab was recommended to us by another vet friend when our original acupuncturist  went on maternity leave.  
We have only seen Dr. Diab a couple of times but even so we have continued to see Chloe make noticible  gains. In June we had faced the possibility that we might need to put her down some time during the summer. She was not able to walk down stairs-even just one small step. She was laying around all the time and some days needed help getting up. I was going outside with her all the time because I was afraid she would not be able to stand back up after going to the bathroom. She couldn't stand on wood or tile floors without splaying and walking on them was almost impossible.
After treatment we have seen Chloe completely change!  She follows us constantly around the house as she did as a younger dog. She's independent outside, and even though we are only doing 1 treatment per month, she continues to move better and faster. After the last treatment, I noticed that she was coming up the long flight of stairs multiple times each day and has started coming down without any one there to guide her. She is also RUNNING across our deck (which previously she could not even WALK across without slipping) and jumping over the wood floor at our back door to get to the carpet.  There are many more positive results I could enumerate but suffice it to say that Chloe is now acting like she always has and we see we will have her with us quite a bit longer!  
I highly recommend Dr. Diab. She is so gentle and interacts so kindly with Chloe. At the same time she is thorough with her examinations and her skill with the needles is apparent.  Chloe is relaxed and actually eager to come.   That's the highest recommendation of all

Acupuncture close up

"No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature."

Deepak Chopra

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