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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Dr. Tiffany Diab?
    Dr. Tiffany A. Diab is a whole-food nutritionist and holistic veterinarian dedicated to helping pets unlock their own innate healing power through food, herbs, and physical medicine. She graduated from Mississippi State University with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2013 and is a current licensed veterinarian in the state of Colorado. Dr. Diab worked in both a busy multi-doctor practice and a 24/7 emergency & specialty practice before finding her calling as a holistic veterinarian. Dr. Diab is certified in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture, Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Animal Chiropractic; and has over 300+ training hours in Chinese Food Therapy and Nutritional Therapy. She is currently pursuing her Applied Clinical Nutrition certification and hopes to be done by the end of 2023.
  • Where Are You Located?
    We call Colorado Springs our home. Our main office is located at 2411 W. Colorado Avenue in the back of the Republic of Paws retail store. We also offer a satellite location in Monument once weekly. We also offer home visits for an additional fee and support virtual clients worldwide.
  • What Conditions Do You Treat?
    In short, our practice does not "treat" any conditions or diseases. Instead, we focus on determining the root dysfunctions in your pet and providing natural therapies and nutritional support to promote healing and repair via their own innate healing ability. As such, there really isn't a condition or disease out there that could not benefit from our services! A short, noninclusive list might be: - kidney disease - cancer - arthritis - behavioral issues - liver disease - autoimmune conditions - allergies - seizures - degenerative conditions - poor dental health
  • What Can I Expect at My First Appointment?
    Most new patients will book an Initial Holistic Analysis/Evaluation. This 60 minute appointment includes: - review of your pet's medical history - blended Western/Eastern physical exam - chiropractic evaluation/adjustment - Muscle Response Analysis to test for the unique nutritional needs of your pet - your pet's first protocol encompassing diet, nutritional therapy, herbal, diagnostic, and physical medicine recommendations - discussion and guidance on which membership tier is right for you and your pet family After the appointment you can expect: - continued coaching and support for recommended dietary and supplement changes - full consultation notes - precise, easy-to-read nutritional therapy protocol with refrigerator chart - educational material on biologically appropriate pet food, whole food nutritional therapy, and Muscle Response Analysis Pricing for all of our services can be found by clicking the "Book Online" option in our site menu.
  • What is Nutritional Therapy?
    Nutrition is more than just putting kibble in a bowl. Providing high quality, whole food-based supplements provides the body with the tools and materials it needs to heal, repair, and defend against disease. We utilize a combination of Standard Process Formulas and pharmaceutical-grade human and pet supplements to achieve our goals of optimal pet wellness.
  • Why Don't You Offer "Normal" Veterinary Services?"
    Kingsfoil Veterinary Care is intensely dedicated to promoting wellness and natural healing in your pet beyond what a General Practice can typically offer. We seek to complement your primary veterinarian's care and collaborate with them to form a perfect meld of conventional and alternative medicine for your pet's needs. For this reason, we do not offer (not inclusive list): - emergency services - in-house treatments or diagnostics - surgery/hospitalization - humane euthanasia - most vaccines (we do offer vaccine titer testing and will help you order single doses of ones that need to be boostered)
  • Do You Offer Annual Wellness Exams?
    The short answer is yes, but with clarification. Because our practice focuses on a healthy nervous system and nutrition, our annual "check-ups" look quite different from the annual exams you may have seen at your regular veterinarian. Most of our patients we see at least every 3 months for chiropractic care and/or Muscle Response Analysis so that we can detect and address any potential issues early before they cause symptoms.
  • Do You Give Vaccines At All?
    As a whole-food nutritional therapy practice we do not offer most vaccines. We do offer consulting on educated vaccination protocols as well as vaccine titer blood testing. In cases where titer testing reveals a need for a specific booster, we will assist in you ordering a single dose that we will administer. We do offer thimerosal-free (mercury-free) rabies vaccines for established patients.
  • What are Memberships?
    Memberships are how we've chosen to offer an elevated holistic healthcare experience to you and your pet paired with exceptional communication and support. We offer 5 different plans depending on you and your pets' needs. Members get extra perks including direct messaging with Dr. Tiffany, priority scheduling, 15% discount on all services, and free access to our twice monthly Holistic Pet Health Seminars led by Dr. Tiffany.
  • Is Purchasing a Membership Required?
    Memberships are not mandatory but are highly encouraged. At your first appointment Dr. Tiffany will discuss with you the best route to optimal health for your pet and which membership aligns best with those goals. If you choose, you can schedule individual rechecks and labwork appointments but will pay full price and will not have the benefit of priority scheduling or direct messaging with Dr. Tiffany.
  • Are Memberships refundable?
    We understand that life can change dramatically in a 12 month period. As long as the Extensive Holistic Labwork Panels have not been performed on your pet, we will refund the $600 annual activation fee if you need to cancel your membership. Please note memberships are only cancellable for extreme circumstances, such as the pet passing away. The monthly payments are nonrefundable.
  • Why Are You Offering Memberships?
    As a rapidly growing practice focused intently on direct doctor-to-patient communication and support, we wanted to ensure we could continue to offer the same high caliber as we serve more and more clients. Memberships are a way to continue to provide direct messaging with the doctor, priority scheduling, and other benefits to our clients without overwhelming our resources or staff.
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"It's no coincidence that four of the six letters in health are 'heal'."

Ed Northstrum

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