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Targeted Clinical Nutrition

At Kingsfoil Veterinary Care, we understand and value the importance of proper nutrition in helping the body to heal itself.


We provide diet analysis and recommendations, paired with high quality and responsibly manufactured supplements to craft an individualized nutrition plan for your pet.

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Whole foods contain hundreds of biologically active compounds, and when left intact, provide more available and active nutrients. We provide guidance on the whole, high-quality foods that will provide your pet with the nutrients they need - naturally.

Even with whole foods, many times a dose larger than what whole food can supply is needed. In those cases we reach for highly researched, high quality, sustainably produced products to ensure your pet gets the safest and most efficacious products available.

Standard Process Veterinary Formulas help bridge the gap created by the processing of foods. Standard Process supplements are made from whole foods your pet would instinctively eat and help provide targeted nutrition to each cell, restoring normal metabolic function.

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