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New Puppy/Kitten Package

This flexible and valuable service is a comprehensive, detailed, and supportive approach to your new puppy or kitten's health. Dr. Tiffany Diab draws from her 300+ hours of post-doctorate certification and training as well as her 8 years of veterinary general and emergency practice experience to help you formulate a plan to keep your new baby healthy that makes sense for you. Included is:


  • An in-depth discussion of an appropriate diet, supplements, and lifestyle (vaccines, etc.) for your puppy/kitten's breed and constitution (15-30 minutes)

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis & Interpretation with hair sample you provide

  • Development of a protocol with up-to-date, evidence-based, and practical diet and supplement recommendations (30 minutes)

  • 60 minute recorded video OR in-person consultation

  • Two (2) bottles (or $100-worth, whichever is lesser) of high quality, cold-processed nutritional therapy Standard Process products specific for puppy/kitten development

  • Access to Standard Process Client Portal for refills

  • Access to pharmaceutical-grade supplements thru Wellevate

  • Only available for pets one year and younger with no pressing medical issues

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