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Virtual Group Coaching


Our Holistic Pet Health Seminars give you an affordable and convenient way to have direct access to me on a regular basis for group coaching.

Twice monthly we will hold a group Zoom call focused on your questions and concerns and empowering you to be a knowledgeable partner in your pet's health journey.

How Group
Coaching Works

1. Register for Group Coaching

Fill out a short form to register for our Holistic Pet Health Seminar Group Coaching

2. Submit a Question

A few days prior to each Zoom seminar we will email out a Question Submission form for any concerns you want addressed during the call

3. Attend Online

The seminars will typically take place on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7:00pm MST till 7:45pm MST

$30 per month

No contract,

cancel anytime

Sessions meet twice monthly

Holistic Pet Health Seminars

Each 45-minute seminar will open with a 20-30 minute discussion by me on various holistic pet health issues.

The remainder of the time will be dedicated to addressing your concerns/questions and hearing from other pet parents on holistic methods that have worked well for their pet

Topics include:

 - holistic wellness vs allopathic medicine

 - the trifecta of pet health (gut, immune system, endocrine system) & how you can support it naturally

 - natural treatments of various pet annoyances (ear infections, anal glands, bad breath, shedding, itching, etc.)

 - what diet should your pet be eating?

 - introduction to nutritional therapy

 - what's the deal with "supplements" and does my pet need them?

 - the role of stress in your pet's health and longevity

 - and more...

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