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Chronic issues are holding your pet back. We hold the key to relief.


Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine


Veterinary Chinese Food Therapy


Nutritional Therapy Professional

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Veterinary Medical Acupuncture

Certified in animal chiropractic by the ACCC of the AVCA


BARF Distributor


You want your animal companion to live a long and disease-free life...

Whether your pet is young and healthy, or suffering from chronic disease, Kingsfoil Veterinary Care can help your dog, cat, or horse achieve true holistic health by solving the root causes of their symptoms and empowering YOU to be a partner in their health journey.

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Dr. Tiffany is awesome! She was right on time, my dog loved her, she was compassionate and gave me options but was realistic about prognosis. I think she is great

Billie A.

Colorado Springs, CO

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