Jesse offers sessions on Thursdays and Fridays from 6pm to 9pm and Saturdays from 9am to 2pm. Click HERE to see his service radius.



Jesse Naul is a massage and Reiki specialist located in Colorado Springs. He offers sessions that are tailored to your pet's needs that may include:

  • RELAXATION- Focusing on the over-all well-being of your dog. 

  • SPORTS MASSAGE - This is for the active dog and focuses on injury prevention by restoring balance within the major muscle groups, to work through taut areas while still avoiding an inflammatory response that requires additional healing time. 

  • MAINTENANCE - Referring to a session geared towards maintaining the health restored through previous sessions, to continue on with high activity levels.  

  • TOUCH AWARENESS - Geared for shy or emotionally uncertain dogs looking to increase confidence and socialization.  This type of massage can also be effective for dogs with behavioral concerns.

  • MYOFASCIAL - Focusing on the myofascial, or webbing network, of the body to alleviate pain, and facilitate increased range of motion with a non-invasive, yet respectfully engaged approach. 

  • LYMPHATIC - Aiding in assisting the natural lymphatic system of the body to minimize edema, or swelling, and thus decreasing the pressure on the sensory nerves registering pain within the body. 

  • PALLIATIVE CARE - Assisting your dog as they progress through their final days by bringing comfort to the body through gentle, educated touch; while integrating Reiki energy to ease and restore the spirit for a comfortable transition.

  • REIKI - Truly, the benefits are endless, but people often report feeling a very deep sense of fulfillment and calm.  The physical energy offered promotes healing to areas of the body in need, and since Reiki does not require contact to the body (though contact is often made), it can be used on areas that are too sensitive or wounded to touch.