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Hemp Oil for Pets

Gift your dog with one of the only research-backed CBD products on the market

Dr.Hempdog offers some of the highest quality Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil products for dogs currently on the market.

CO Residents: Use code KINGSFOIL at checkout for FREE shipping!

Why Full-Spectrum?

Full-spectrum products are the most effective type of CBD product due to what’s known as the entourage effect, which refers to the fact that CBD is most potent when accompanied by other essential hemp compounds (such as the CBG, CBC, CBDV, THC, and diverse terpenes in Dr.Hempdog’s tinctures).

Highly Trained Customer Service

We realize you may have more questions! 


Dr.Hempdog provide complimentary access to their highly trained team of experts ready to assist you. Schedule a free 15-minute consult with them by visiting their website or texting them at (720) 773-9595 to set one up; you’re also welcome to call them at any time from 9 AM to 5 PM MT, Monday to Friday. They've helped thousands of animals just like yours, so they know that every dog’s needs can be unique.


We’ll stay with you every step of the way to make sure you’ll be as successful as possible with Dr. Hemp Dog's best-in-class CBD products.


Knowing that transparency is key, Dr.Hempdog makes their latest lab work easily available. Their Certificate of Analysis show not only a high level of CBD in their product, but also a potent variety of other important cannabinoids, including, but not limited to, CBG, CBC, and CBDV in addition to a proper amount of THC to enhance the overall effectiveness of their CBD. The terpenes contained in their product further contribute to an incredible entourage effect, which translates to the most effective product you can find on the market.

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