Diagnostic Services

Offering a comprehensive look, both inside and out

At Kingsfoil Integrative Veterinary Care, we treat each patient as the amazing individual that you know them to be. We work with multiple unique laboratories in order to tailor diagnostic panels to the specific needs of your pet. This allows us to provide a unique analysis of your pet's health while avoiding unnecessary testing and cost.

Conventional Diagnostic Screenings

  • Hematology

  • Chemistry

  • Urinalysis

  • Fecal Analysis

  • Endocrinology (i.e. thyroid testing)

  • GI/Pancreatic testing

Price: Varies

Vaccine Titer Testing

Measuring titer levels in blood is a safe and noninvasive way to assess your pet's protection against diseases (distemper, parvovirus, and hepatitis in dogs; panleukopenia in cats) prior to re-vaccination. This minimizes the chance of vaccine reactions and reduces the stress on your pet's immune system and gut.

Price: $60

Saliva Testing for Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities can be the underlying cause of problems involving the skin, gut, anal glands, and ears. We utilize a patented salivary-based food sensitivity and intolerance test to reliably provide answers.


Price: $325 

Microbiome Mapping

Unbalanced gut flora can be an underlying cause of diarrhea, skin issues, immune system dysfunction, and weight problems. Microbiome mapping gives us insight into the diversity of bacteria in your pet's gut and helps guide our decisions for nutritional support.

Price: $95

Vitamin D Testing

Research is revealing Vitamin D to be one of our body's most important nutrients, linked to heart health, skin health, appropriate endocrine function, and cancer prevention. Testing their levels can indicate if and how much supplementation they need in addition to a high quality diet.


Price: $48

Cancer Screening

This unique blood test allows us to assess your pet for bio-markers indicating cancer or other areas of inflammation in the body. This gives us the opportunity to be proactive with your pet's diet and other holistic approaches prior to the onset of clinical disease. 

Price: $200

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

While blood tests only look at a snapshot of the body's extracellular functioning capabilities, an HTMA provides a blueprint and lasting record of nutritional metabolic activity over the past 30-90 days and can provide insight into problems such as digestive issues, fatigue, disinterest in playing, unexplained weight loss or gain, itchiness, and poor appetite. HTMA is also one of the most sensitive detectors of heavy metal toxicities in the body.

Price: $250


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